What Will Your Child Do Here?

During each session we aim to provide as wide a range of activities as possible in order to cover all areas of learning.

Activities are planned around the children’s particular likes and developmental needs.

As well as the planned activities, children have the freedom to choose as we have labelled drawers throughout the room with different resources for them to access independently.

We also spend time during the sessions as a group. We take the register and look at the calendar together as well as reading stories, doing “show and tell”, playing games and singing, all of which help build relationships and encourage self-confidence. This also gives the children opportunities to sit, listen and take turns, as these are skills they will need as they progress through school.  Most of the children which attend Yarnton Preschool go on to William Fletcher School. We have strong links with the Foundation class, taking the children to school for a storytime session in the weeks prior to them starting school.

Children are encouraged to participate in activities indoors and outdoors. The children play outdoors every session, whatever the weather. Outdoor activities contribute to children’s health, their physical development and their knowledge of the world around them. We encourage the children to plant flowers and vegetables and to care for them, as well as playing in the sand pit, with water, or in the playhouses of with a wide range of outdoor equipment.

Healthy snacks (fruit etc.), milk and water are provided for the children. Snack time is supervised and aimed at enabling the children to develop social skills, learn basic hygiene (e.g. wash hands before eating) and table manners.

**Please ensure that you tell staff of any food allergies or special dietary requirements.

Children are discouraged from running indoors: this is to avoid accidents due to limited floor space because of the many activities on offer.

We encourage children to help with the tidying away of the toys and the setting of the snack table.

We ask the children for their help should they spill or drop something – mopping up spilled water or brushing up dropped sand can be fun.

We discourage children from bringing a favourite toy from home – this can cause problems in three ways. Firstly – if your child goes home without their toy, this can cause great upset for your child and you. Secondly – if a toy is cleaned away with playgroup equipment, it can prove impossible to locate straight away, it will come to light again but who knows when? Thirdly – if another child takes a liking to your child’s favourite toy.

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